Conceived In Prejudice

All American school children have been indoctrinated with a narrative of national history that draws on the flowery enlightenment rhetoric of the founding documents of The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution. Such words as LIBERTY, EQUALITY and JUSTICE for all are presented as the fundamental republican values. Yet, no sooner than the constitution was ratified did the first congress adopt the first immigration act in 1790 which limited naturalized citizenship to free white men. The indigenous peoples who had been shoved aside and the Africans who had arrived in chains were excluded from the rights of citizenship.

This blog is a project of revisionist American history. Despite the results of the civil war and the civil rights movement on the 1960s, this remains a society in which racism and racist institutions are embedded in the political, economic and cultural structure. We have lived with that structure all of our lives. It is often difficult to grasp the shape of the forest because of the trees. A detailed exploration of the history of how these structures came into being and of the interests and privileges that maintain their existence is useful and necessary.



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